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Forest Landowners

Managing and caring for your land

Private woodland owners hold over half of Wisconsin's forested land. Properly managed forests provide important social and economic benefits like clean water, wildlife habitat, aesthetics and recreation. Find resources to manage your land today and into the future.

Getting Started in Your Woods

Not sure where to begin? This overview will help you get where you need to go.

Professional Forestry Assistance

Learn how a professional forester can help you reach your management goals.

Web Mapping Application

An interactive app showing all Managed Forest Law (MFL) and Forest Crop Law (FCL) lands accessible to the public.

Wisconsin's Forest Tax Laws

Learn more about Wisconsin's Managed Forest Law and Forest Crop Law programs.

Forestry Assistance Locator

County-based listings for DNR and cooperating foresters across the state.

DNR Service Foresters

A broad overview of the services provided by local DNR foresters.

Storm damage to forests

Learn what to do if your forested lands are impacted by severe weather.