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Storm Damage to Forests

July 2019 severe storm events
Recent storm events have led to severe storm damage in many areas across the state. An executive order [PDF exit DNR] declaring a state of emergency was issued for the series of storm events beginning on July 18, 2019, statewide.
For updates on recovery efforts, see below:

Natural disturbance events such as tornadoes, straight line winds, hailstorms and flooding wreak havoc on the best of forest management plans. They can also result in major economic losses and create significant forest management problems. Some effects of heavy windfall include:

  • fuel build-up resulting in future forest fire hazard;
  • potential for future loss due to increased susceptibility to insects, decay, future storm damage, snowfall, etc.;
  • changes in aesthetic values and forest objectives;
  • damaged or blocked roads, culverts and ditches;
  • safety hazards for landowner and forest workers; and
  • changes in fish and wildlife habitat.

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