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CAFO WPDES permits applications & NMPs in process

Wisconsin Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (WPDES) permits for Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs) are renewed every five years and may be modified, as needed, during the five year permit term. Nutrient Management Plan (NMP) changes occur as often as needed, but at least annually. Public input is required before the Department of Natural Resources issues a new, renewed or modified WPDES permit or approves substantial modifications to an NMP.

Updates on permit applications, reissuances or modifications

WPDES permits on public notice.
Status of WPDES permits of special interest
CAFO Permit no. County Notice date Status Contact
Brooks Farm WI-0066885-01-1 Waupaca N/A Under Review Bethani Chambers
Emerald Sky WI-0059315-05-0 St. Croix 6/20/23 Reissued Jeff Jackson
Central Sands Dairy WI-0063533-03-1 Juneau 2/25/2021 Modified Ben Uvaas
Kinnard Farms, Inc. WI-0059536-04-2 Kewaunee 12/03/2021 Modified Tyler Dix
Cumberland LLC WI-0066893-01-0 Burnett N/A Rejected Tyler Dix
Gordondale Farms Inc. WI-0062359-03-2 Portage 11/06/2023 Modified Tyler Dix

Nutrient Management Plan modifications

Contact Aaron O’Rourke or your county DNR agricultural runoff management specialist for additional information.