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New BIL-Funded LSL & EC Programs

Read our E-Bulletins and amendments to the Safe Drinking Water Loan Program (SDWLP) Intended Use Plan for information about the new Bipartisan Infrastructure Law (BIL) Lead Service Line (LSL) and Emerging Contaminants (EC) programs. In December, the Wisconsin DNR held webinars discussing the new LSL and EC programs. The amendments, recordings and slides are available on the Project Lists and IUPs web page under the SFY 2023 SDWLP heading.

Bipartisan Infrastructure Law (BIL) Funding

In Wisconsin, the BIL will provide over $700 million in additional funding during the next five years through the DNR’s Clean Water Fund and Safe Drinking Water Loan Programs.

Each municipality that plans to apply for financial assistance from Environmental Loans must submit an Intent to Apply (ITA) with Priority Evaluation and Ranking Formula (PERF) information and a Financial Assistance Application through the online systems. Applicants may use the online application system's document upload feature to attach loan documents.

Attention: Read our final policy paper on Procedural Changes for CWFP and SDWLP Applications. More information is available on the Statutes & Codes web page.

Request WAMS ID and register for DNR Switchboard access

To gain access to the online systems, you must create a Web Access Management System (WAMS) user ID and then register with the DNR Switchboard. When registering with the Switchboard, you will be asked to select a facility/company. To find the correct municipality, you can enter either the Facility ID (FID) number, WPDES permit number, Public Water Supply number, or Department of Revenue (DOR) municipal code. DOR municipal codes can be found in the second column of this spreadsheet.

  • Additional help tutorials are available on the DNR Switchboard web page.

Authorization certificate for online submittals

If you are a consultant, the municipality must authorize you to submit online materials on its behalf by completing an Online Submittal Authorization Certificate. Note: Starting in SFY 2021, the designated consultant's authorization will stay in effect until the municipality cancels it. Email the signed, completed form to

Access links to online loan systems

Online systems questions
Direct comments or questions about entering and submitting ITAs/PERFs and Applications to:
Suzy Hasheider, Database Manager

Loan document uploads

Applicants may view all outstanding loan documents and upload those documents in the online application/document upload system. Your DNR project manager will notify you once the loan stage is set-up, then you can begin loading additional documents. You may wish to save or print the following to view during the document upload process:

Clean Water Fund Program online guidance

You may wish to save or print the help text to view during the online submittal processes:

CWFP questions
Direct questions about CWFP ITA/PERF and Application contents to:
Lisa Bushby, CWFP Coordinator

Safe Drinking Water Loan Program online guidance

You may wish to save or print the help text to view during the online submittal processes:

SDWLP questions
Direct questions about SDWLP ITA/PERF and Application contents to:
Noah Balgooyen, SDWLP Coordinator

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