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Current Agendas

Wisconsin Natural Resources Board

Unless otherwise noted, the following materials are available for each Board meeting:

  • Web and PDF versions of the meeting agenda. The agenda is posted at least two weeks prior to each meeting.
  • Brief of action or BOA, a summary of motions and votes at each Board meeting (PDF).
  • Information briefs (green sheets) about each agenda item (PDFs).
  • Webcast of each meeting streamed live and available on demand.

Board meeting minutes were discontinued in March 2013; as of April 2013, each meeting's brief of action and webcast serve as the official record.

Current NRB Agenda

2024 NRB Agendas

Natural Resources Board Agendas by Year

Agenda Archive

Contact information
For NRB-related questions, information requests, written comment submittal, or registration to speak at an NRB meeting or listening session, please contact:
NRB Liaison
PO Box 7921
Madison, WI 53707-7921
The Natural Resources Board and Department of Natural Resources are committed to serving people with disabilities. If you need Board information in an alternative format, please email or call the Board Liaison.