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Equal employment opportunity and diversity

Employment at the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

The DNR is proud to be among the leading State of Wisconsin agencies in promoting affirmative action, equal employment opportunity and diversity.

Equal employment opportunity

The DNR supports the development and implementation of policies and practices that ensure Affirmative Action (AA) and Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) for all persons employed by DNR, seeking employment with the DNR or seeking access to DNR services or programs. We recognize that providing affirmative action and equal opportunity is an ethical, legal, social and economic necessity. The DNR strives to maintain a work force of the highest quality and will take affirmative steps to create a work environment that is free of discriminating and harassing behavior for all persons.

The DNR will maintain a work environment that both supports and nurtures employees so they can be productive and effective in their jobs.

Affirmative action

We will take efforts on behalf of women, racial-ethnic groups and persons with disabilities to ensure equal opportunity.

Accommodating disabilities

The DNR may provide reasonable accommodations for persons with disabilities whenever the person's disability presents a documented barrier to employment opportunities or benefits associated with employment, restricts an individual's ability to perform a job or restricts access to DNR services or programs.


The DNR values diversity and actively seeks to attract individuals from diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds.

We recognize that a diverse workforce is essential for innovation and growth. The DNR has more than 4,000 employees who bring with them a rich mix of cultural backgrounds and points of view. These employees work collectively to meet the needs of the department and its increasingly diverse customer base.

Moreover, we are committed to recruiting and maintaining a diverse workforce because we believe it's the right thing to do. The DNR has implemented a variety of diversity initiatives with the goal of creating an inclusive workplace environment and organizational culture.

We are devoted to developing and advancing diversity initiatives related to the recruitment, retention and promotion of our diverse workforce regardless of ethnicity, gender, disability or veteran status. We believe diversity can help build a stronger, more competitive organization.

The DNR believes that by valuing a range of perspectives, learning about cultures different from our own and encouraging fresh diverse ideas to address business needs, we make the DNR a great place to work!

DNR Equity and Inclusion Plan

View the DNR Equity and Inclusion Plan

Diversity Partnerships

For information about some of our diversity partnerships, see: