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Limited Term Employment (LTE) openings

Employment at the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

Limited Term Employment (LTE) openings with the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) are located throughout Wisconsin. LTE jobs are temporary and you do not need to take a civil service examination. Limited term jobs vary in length but will not exceed more than 1,039 hours of work within a 12-month period. If you have specific questions about our positions or vacancies, refer to the individual job announcements for the contact information.

Current LTE Job Openings


How long do LTE jobs last?

Wisconsin State Statutes limit LTE jobs to no more than 1,039 hours of work within a 12-month period. Limited term jobs vary in duration, and work hours may be full- or part-time depending on individual program needs, budgets and seasonal demands. As a limited term employee, if you work 1,039 hours or less during a 12-month period, you may continue in the position for another 1,039 hours or less during the next year or until the job ends.

What are some advantages of being a Limited Term Employee?

Some individuals have found the training and experience gained during limited term employment beneficial when competing for similar permanent civil service positions. Limited term jobs can be an important learning tool for career development. Students especially enjoy the flexibility offered through limited term jobs.

What benefits are LTEs eligible to receive?

LTEs are immediately eligible for the Workers Compensation, unemployment insurance and Social Security programs. Once an LTE qualifies for enrollment in the Wisconsin Retirement System (WRS), they will become eligible for health, life, wage, dental and vision insurance coverage. Upon eligibility for WRS enrollment, a benefit packet will be sent as notification to the LTE in order to provide insurance details and enrollment information.

What types of jobs are filled by LTEs?

Jobs for which LTEs are hired include laborers, support services and paraprofessional, technical and professional positions.

What skills are required for limited term jobs?

Some DNR jobs require specialized skills, training or knowledge in the areas of natural resources or environmental quality. Individuals applying for limited term positions must have sufficient training or experience to demonstrate the skills and knowledge needed to perform the tasks required by the jobs. Job requirements also vary among jobs with the same titles. Pay close attention to the desired qualifications for each job.