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R3 Resources

Recruit, retain and reactivate hunters and anglers

What is R3

Demographic changes, competing interests and shifts in popular American culture have all contributed to the decline in participation rates in hunting and fishing. To address these trends, Wisconsin DNR is focusing our efforts on strategically maintaining and increasing participation in hunting, angling and shooting sports as part of a national movement referred to as R3.

R3 means recruitment, retention and reactivation of hunters, anglers and shooting sports participants. True R3 efforts focus on the needs of individuals and the process required to ensure their starting and continued participation in hunting, angling and shooting sports.

R3 is important now because hunting and angling are important parts of the fabric of life in Wisconsin and they play a large role in the identity of our culture. These activities also pump over $6 billion into our economy and support thousands of jobs across the state. Furthermore, revenue collected from the sales of hunting and fishing licenses is used to conserve and protect the beautiful natural resources Wisconsinites have come to expect. Hunters and anglers are proud contributors to conservation.


Outdoor Recreation Adoption Model [PDF]

What's happening in Wisconsin

Hunter Recruitment, Development, Training and Education Grant Program

In order to focus hunter training, development and education programs on adults, females and families, Wisconsin DNR has developed this new grant opportunity. The primary purpose of the Hunter Recruitment, Development, Training and Education Grant Program is to provide cost-sharing grants to local clubs, organizations, communities, governments, Wisconsin Tribes, colleges, universities and technical schools to ensure the education, training and development of safe and ethical hunters and mentors with preference towards applicants focusing on adults, females and families.

R3 Grant application and reimbursement details