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Picnic Areas and Shelters

Wyalusing State Park

Wyalusing State Park has several picnic areas and shelters. The central picnic area is near the entrance to the Wisconsin Ridge campground. A number of tables can be found adjacent to the Peterson shelter as well as to the playground across the road from that shelter. Other picnic areas include the Homestead picnic area, Henneger Point picnic area and Green Cloud picnic area. All picnic areas are near shelters.

There is a playground at the entrance to the Wisconsin Ridge campground. A swing set and slide are in the center of Homestead campground. Please remember that pets are not permitted in playground areas.

Reservable shelters

There are five open shelters at Wyalusing State Park that can be reserved for group activities.

Reserve a shelter online.

  • Green Cloud Shelter offers an excellent view of the confluence of the Mississippi and Wisconsin Rivers. It is near the Passenger Pigeon Monument and the Sentinel Ridge Trail. There is no electricity at this shelter. Water and toilets are not available.
  • Homestead Shelter is across the road from Sugar Maple Nature Trail. Vault toilets and water are near the shelter There is no electricity at this shelter. This shelter has a fireplace.
  • Henneger Point Picnic Shelter is at the far south end of the park. It overlooks the Mississippi River from a 500-foot bluff. There is no electricity. A vault toilet is nearby.
  • The Peterson Shelter is at the entrance to the Wisconsin Ridge Campground. It is the only shelter at Wyalusing State Park that has electricity. Flush bathrooms, playground and drinking water are nearby. The Concession Stand is adjacent to the shelter. There are three fireplaces (two in the large section of the shelter and one in the small attached room to the main shelter).
  • Point Lookout Shelter is found along the walkway to Point Lookout. Water and vault toilets are near the shelter. There is a fireplace in Point Lookout Shelter.