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Commercial Use of State Properties

Any person soliciting or collecting funds for a business of any nature or engaging in commercial filming or photography or providing services for a fee which involves that person's physical presence at the state park, recreation area or southern forest is required to first obtain a Commercial Use Permit from the manager of the affected state property. Any commercial activity occurring under a current signed Wisconsin DNR concession agreement, land use agreement or Friends Group agreement is exempt from this permit requirement.

Additional terms and conditions are provided in the Commercial Use Application and Permit.

Application and permit

Applicants should fill out and submit the Application and Permit (Form 2200-128) directly to the manager of the state property where the commercial activity is to take place (one property per permit) a minimum of two weeks in advance of commencing the commercial activity.

A check or money order for $50 must be included with the application - payable to Wisconsin DNR. Information supplied on this application may trigger the need for a different permit, license or contract. Activities involving the solicitation of collection of money on state property may require a Special Event Recreational Use License or concession permit. The Wisconsin DNR may deny this application if this type of permit or the activity would be inappropriate or if the activity would compete with existing contracts on the property.

If you have questions on a permit or would like more information, contact the local property manager.