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Potawatomi State Park

There are several hiking trails at the park. Potawatomi is home to the eastern terminus of the Ice Age National Scenic Trail, which begins near the old ski hill overlook.

Ancient Shores trail (0.5 miles)

Educational signs on this trail highlight the three ancient shorelines and various plants and animals along the trail. The trail begins by the Nature Center and park store.

Ice Age National Scenic Trail (2.8 miles)

The eastern terminus of the Ice Age Trail is in Potawatomi State Park near the site of the old ski hill overlook.. The Ice Age Trail is a 1,000-mile National Scenic Trail that winds along the edge of the last continental glacier in Wisconsin.

You can begin or end your 1,000-mile trek on the Ice Age Trail at Potawatomi or take a more leisurely day hike on the 2.8-mile segment within the park. The Ice Age Trail exits the park off Shoreline Road and continues into the town of Sturgeon Bay.

Hemlock trail (2.6 miles)

The Hemlock Trail begins at Parking Lot 2 in the picnic area. Restrooms and drinking water are available at the trailhead. The trail passes along the Green Bay shoreline, campground and through the interior of the park.

Tower trail (3.6 miles)

This trail takes you to the site of the old observation tower on the highest bluff in the park. The trail loops through the park and also goes through the campground. Parking and restrooms for the trail are available at the old tower site. Parking is also available at the old ski hill overlook.