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Mirror Lake State Park

Both Mirror Lake and Dell Creek offer fishing opportunities. Dell Creek is 10.5 miles long and flows into Mirror Lake. It has cool water and adequate hiding cover for trout, but with no spawning gravel, the fishery is dependent on stocking. The stream typically is stocked with 5,000 fall fingerlings and 3,000 spring yearlings each year.

Mirror Lake is slow-no-wake for the entire lake; this makes the lake a very enjoyable experience for paddling and fishing. There are two boat landings on Mirror Lake. One is located within the state park and hosts our concessions and boat rentals. The other is the town of Delton launch which is located on Lakeview Road off State Highway 23 at the west end of the lake.

Mirror Lake is a 137-acre impoundment of Dell Creek. The lake has two shallow, weedy bays and the rest of the lake occupies a narrow, sandstone bluff gorge with water depths of 10 to 14 feet. A wide variety of fish can be found in Mirror Lake including panfish, bass, walleye and northern pike. For size and bag limits for Mirror Lake, see the General Inland Waters section in the current fishing regulations and trout fishing regulations for the category status of Mirror Lake and Dell Creek.

One either side of the state park boat launch you will find an accessible fishing pier to the north and an accessible boardwalk with fishing access to the south. Boating in the lake is slow, no-wake only.

Anglers of any age may check out basic fishing equipment free of charge at the park office. This equipment was donated by the Tackle Loaner Program. Call the park office to find out what equipment is available.