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Spring turkey hunting opportunities for the disabled

For disabled hunters wishing to participate in the spring turkey hunting season, there are two options available. These options and information on how to apply are outlined below. For information on turkey season dates, harvest authorization levels and zone maps, visit turkey hunting.

Learn more about how we work hard to ensure that people with disabilities are provided with hunting opportunities around Wisconsin. Visit Open the Outdoors.

Option 1 - Apply for drawing

The first option for disabled hunters wishing to pursue turkey during the spring season is to apply for a harvest authorization (formerly known as a permit) in the regular spring turkey drawing. Applications cost $3 and are available at any DNR service center, licensing agent or by applying online. Applications are due Dec. 10 for the following spring season.

Wisconsin's state park turkey management zones were eliminated on Sept. 1, 2014. This means hunters can no longer apply for spring turkey harvest authorization in any previous state park hunting zones, including the Disabled Only Hunting Zones. However, state parks are still open for spring turkey hunting and have been absorbed into the larger turkey management zones (i.e., Disabled Zone 1G, Natural Bridge State Park, now considered Zone 1). For more information on hunting in state parks, see state park hunting.

All successful applicants are allowed assistants to aid in their pursuit. The applicants must provide the park supervisor or property manager with the name and address of their designated assistant at least one week before hunting. The designated assistant may use a firearm only while retrieving a turkey shot by the participant.

Please note: Disabled hunters entering the regular spring turkey drawing will enter as all other applicants and are subject to the preference system utilized for this drawing. For more information on the preference system, see the turkey hunting frequently asked questions.

Disabled hunters entering the regular spring turkey drawing (Option 1) may NOT apply using application Forms 2300-271 and 2300-271A as outlined in Option 2 below.

Option 2 - Apply for Spring Wild Turkey Hunt for People with Disabilities

Spring 2000 marked the first season of the Spring Wild Turkey Hunt for People with Disabilities. This opportunity allows hunters holding a Class A permit, a valid Class B permit that authorizes hunting from a stationary vehicle that is issued for more than one year or a Class C permit as defined by state statute 29.193 to apply for a spring turkey hunter authorization (formerly known as a permit) using Form 2300-271 and 2300-271A.

This application allows for an organized turkey hunt for people with disabilities during one spring turkey time period. Hunts can only be conducted on the private property listed on the application. The applicant is responsible for finding a landowner who agrees to sponsor the turkey hunt.

Applications are available as a PDF document below or as a hard copy from your local DNR service center. Forms must be submitted by Dec. 10 to the DNR office for the county where the hunt will occur.

Disabled hunters applying for the Wild Turkey Hunt for People with Disabilities on private lands (Option 2) may NOT apply for a harvest authorization in the regular spring turkey drawing (Option 1).

To learn more about various hunting, fishing and recreational use permits designed to help people with disabilities, visit licenses and permits for people with disabilities.