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Wisconsin's Statewide Forest Action Plan 2010

The Statewide Forest Action Plan, finalized in 2010, is a 10-year strategic plan that guides the work of Wisconsin's forestry community. The plan is comprised of two parts, the Statewide Forest Assessment and the Statewide Forest Strategy. Together they provide an analysis of forest conditions and trends, delineate priority forest landscape areas and offer practical, long-term strategies for investing resources where they can be most effective in the protection and sustainable management of Wisconsin's forests.

Part 1: Statewide Forest Assessment

Wisconsin's Statewide Forest Assessment [PDF] presents data and trends that describe the current state and sustainability of Wisconsin's forests, creating a knowledge base from which goals, strategies and actions have been developed.

Part 2: Statewide Forest Strategy

Wisconsin's Statewide Forest Strategy [PDF] outlines the goals, strategies and actions that the forestry community can take to address the issues affecting the state's forests.

Part 3: Forest Action Plan Reviews and Accomplishments

The 2015 [PDF] and 2020 [PDF] reviews profile a variety of success stories from the first five years of implementing the Statewide Forest Action Plan. These reports describe activities from across the Wisconsin forestry community and demonstrate how they connect and contribute to National Priorities to conserve, protect and enhance forests.