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Forest Legacy Areas

The Forest Legacy Areas must meet national eligibility criteria in order to qualify for participation in the Forest Legacy Program. Wisconsin selected and defined the Forest Legacy Areas in the state by applying the national criteria and then refining them further to meet the state's requirements. In order for land to be eligible for the program it must be located within one of the five Forest Legacy Areas.

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Overall goals of the Forest Legacy Areas

The goal of the Forest Legacy Areas is to protect those values and attributes that led us to designate them as environmentally important. These include:

  • maintaining large forested blocks and their ability to provide opportunities for traditional forest uses, including the gathering of forest products;
  • protecting fish and wildlife habitats that support diverse populations, including threatened, endangered or rare species;
  • protecting known cultural resources such as rivers or trails that served as historical human migration routes;
  • maintaining the opportunity for forests to buffer and protect inland lakes and streams;
  • preserving those areas that provide a rich scenic experience; and
  • maintaining opportunities for public recreation.