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The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources Division of Forestry is not the only organization that collects aerial photography in Wisconsin. Many municipal, county, state and federal organizations collect imagery each year with different project guidelines. If you are looking for more aerial photography, here are some good resources to explore.

Wisconsin Catalog of Aerial Photography (via Wisconsin State Cartographer's Office)

Search by county and year on their website [exit DNR] for imagery collected across the state by municipal, county, state or federal organizations.

Arthur H. Robinson Map Library (University of Wisconsin-Madison)

DNR Forestry donates historical prints to the map library collection [exit DNR] that is available for viewing and scanning at the library. The map library also has an extensive archive of aerial imagery, including online access to historical air photos (1937-1941) and services to scan air photos.

Wisconsin county websites (via University of Wisconsin Sea Grant)

Many counties in Wisconsin collect their own imagery and make it available to the public via their website [exit DNR]. [exit DNR] is a clearinghouse for numerous digital imagery resources collected in Wisconsin. WisconsinView offers the ability to download county-wide imagery including:

  • USDA-NAIP (2004-2013);
  • WROC (2010);
  • USGS (1991-2001); and
  • DNR Forestry county mosaics where available (within WROC and Other Air Photos/DNR Orthos tab).

LiDAR derived DEMs for 20 counties are also available online.