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Forestry GIS Data

Copyright and acceptable use: Users are responsible for reviewing copyright and acceptable use conditions to ensure appropriate use of this data and to avoid copyright infringement. DNR Legal Notices are also available to view.

Copies of the DNR Forestry Geographic Information System (GIS) library datasets previously found on this webpage have been moved to the DNR Open Data Portal and are available to the public via free download. Some data themes can be downloaded in shapefile format. All relevant documentation and Federal Geographic Data Committee compliant metadata are packaged with the GIS data as a zipped folder.

Data format

DNR forestry GIS data is available in the format, geographic extent and georeferencing system in which the data is maintained and used on the DNR computer network. Vector data (point, line or polygon data) is provided in ArcGIS shapefile format. Raster data are provided in ArcInfo grid format and image data provided in .tif format.

DNR staff are not available to convert forestry GIS library data to other formats as part of a data request.

Georeferencing system

Data are provided in the DNR's standard georeferencing system - Wisconsin Transverse Mercator based on the 1991 adjustment to the North American Datum of 1983 (WTM83/91). Conversion of forestry GIS library data from WTM83/91 to other georeferencing systems can be carried out using commercially available GIS software.

DNR staff are not available to carry out these conversions as part of a forestry GIS library data request.

Download instructions

  1. Go to the WI DNR Open Data Portal.
  2. Under "Data Categories," click "Forestry."
  3. Click on the name of the desired dataset.
  4. Click "Download."