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Dispute Resolution Process (DRP)

Forest Tax Law

The DRP is a voluntary process that can be used when disagreements on lands enrolled in the Managed Forest Law (MFL) and Forest Crop Law (FCL) cannot be readily resolved between department foresters and private sector foresters (i.e., cooperators and others), loggers or landowners.

We offer the Tax Law Dispute Resolution Process to facilitate mutual learning among the professional forestry community and foster collaborative outcomes resulting from disagreements. This is accomplished by contracting a third-party administrator to facilitate the process.

Qualifications for a Dispute

Any of the disagreements that can result from differences in professional opinion may qualify as a dispute. For example, DNR decisions regarding silvicultural prescriptions, forest health and disease restrictions, best management practices, logging practices and adherence to the principles of sound forestry. Disputes may be related to DNR decisions on any of the following:

  • MFL management plan
  • MFL management plan amendment
  • MFL or FCL cutting notice and report
  • MFL certified group requirements

Contacts for Initiating the DRP

The DRP is administered by Renewable Resource Solutions, LLC a third-party contractor who is responsible for overseeing the DRP process.  Provided the landowner or landowners agree, the DRP can be initiated by written request submitted by any involved party disagreeing with a decision made by the department.

Please contact Kari Divine, Renewable Resource Solutions, LLC
337 Superior Ave, Crystal Falls, MI 49920

More Information

Please refer to Chapter 310 of the Forest Tax Law Handbook (2450.5) [PDF] for more details on the DRP.