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Oak Wilt Seasonal Harvesting Opportunities Web Mapping Application

Our oak wilt web map displays areas with oak wilt seasonal harvesting restrictions, areas without these restrictions and areas where an exception to the restrictions may be considered due to a limited presence of oak wilt. It gives users general geographical information on oak wilt seasonality and presence to support decisions concerning the application of the Oak Harvesting Guidelines during timber management planning and establishment.

If your property falls outside the “no oak wilt restrictions” area, review the Oak Harvesting Guidelines prior to conducting forest management activities in your oak stand.

Here are some tips to help you find the information you need:

  • Turn map layers on/off.
  • Zoom in and out on areas of interest.
  • Click the oak wilt layers details icon for more information.
  • Type GPS coordinates in the search box to zoom in to a specific stand.
Get Started

Ready to get started? Take a minute to read the information on this page and when you've finished, click the button below to open the web map.

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The guidelines recommend applying a seasonal harvesting restriction from April 1 (April 15 in the North Zone) through July 15 if your stand is in or within 6 miles of a disease-positive county. There are also specific situations that allow for flexibility in applying the oak wilt seasonal harvesting restrictions, called "exceptions" and "modifications." For example, if the stand is farther than 6 miles from an oak wilt positive county and/or township block, a landowner with greater tolerance for risk may consider an exception (Exception 6 in Chapter 3; see the map layer for specific areas where this exception applies). Exceptions and modifications are different for each situation, so be sure to familiarize yourself with the Oak Harvesting Guidelines.

Please note: This map is based on the best available data but may be incomplete. We maintain the locations of confirmed oak wilt-affected stands in the counties where oak wilt is not established to the best of our ability. Oak wilt might be present in areas where the disease has not yet been documented. If you suspect oak wilt in your stand, please contact forest health staff for confirmation and consultation. Also, be sure to read our Oak Wilt Factsheet for information about preventing, identifying and managing the disease.