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Forest Health Staff

A map of Wisconsin, color-coded by region.

Forest health specialist zones

Alex Feltmeyer, Central region, Plover

Linda Williams, Northeast region, Woodruff

Paul Cigan, Northwest region, Hayward

Michael Hillstrom, South Central region, Fitchburg

Bill McNee, Southeast region, Oshkosh

Todd Lanigan, West Central region, Eau Claire

Statewide forest health staff

Becky Gray, Forest health team leader, Fitchburg

Mary Bartkowiak, Forest invasive plants program coordinator, Rhinelander

Andrea Diss-Torrance, Invasive forest insects program coordinator, Madison

Kyoko Scanlon, Forest pathologist, Fitchburg

Elly Voigt, Lab assistant and education & outreach specialist, Fitchburg

Scott Schumacher, Plant pest and disease specialist, Fitchburg

Bernie Williams, Invasive plants and earthworms specialist, Madison

Phyllis Ziehr, Clerical assistant, Fitchburg