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Herbicides for Forest Management

The herbicide sensitivity tables listed here contain a large volume of information from the labels of herbicide products that are registered for various forestry uses. To be listed here, a product's labeling must contain wording specific to forestry.

Herbicide sensitivity tables

Prohibited chemicals

Landowners who are enrolled in the Managed Forest Law (MFL) program and are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) may not apply chemicals that are FSC prohibited. See a list of FSC highly hazardous pesticides [PDF] for more information.

Control products

View products for the control of specific invasive plants [PDF] found in Wisconsin. An herbicide comparison table [PDF] for products to use as a broadcast or directed spray is also available.

Cross-reference of tree species and herbicide products

These documents are designed to help land managers who will be planting trees plan weed control measures.

Reference to products in this publication is not intended to be an endorsement to the exclusion of others which may be similar. Persons using such products assume responsibility for their use in accordance with current label directions of the manufacturer.

Quality Improvement: If you use these tables, we encourage you to comment and make suggestions to improve their usefulness.