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Urban Wood Utilization Resources

The highest value of an urban tree is when it’s living; however, if a tree is killed or damaged, there are many ways to recycle it. Urban wood includes logs, brush and chips generated from urban or community trees. Urban wood utilization is not a novel notion, but with the introduction of emerald ash borer, it has become more prevalent.

Once a community realizes its need to deal with wood efficiently and productively, community leaders can use the links and information listed below to help manage this resource. For additional and more specific information pertinent to your local area, contact your local DNR Forest Products Specialist.

Manufacturers Of Urban Wood Directory

The Manufacturers of Urban Wood Directory [PDF] is a listing of companies and individuals who have shared with the Wisconsin DNR that they provide utilization options for urban wood in Wisconsin. The DNR presents this list with no intended endorsement of a particular company or services rendered, nor are criticism implied of companies not listed. Additional companies are available in Wisconsin but have not contacted the department and therefore are not listed.

Each company/organization provided descriptions of its services. The DNR takes no responsibility for any representation as to services provided made by the companies on this list.

The DNR developed this list based on available resources and proactive outreach and contacts. The list is not inclusive. If you are interested in adding your company or organization to this list, please contact the DNR Forest Products Team at with your company name and information (address, phone, website, type of services provided and species utilized).

  • Urban Wood Network – Wisconsin Chapter
    The Wisconsin Chapter is a network of independent businesses and organizations in Wisconsin that reclaim urban trees for their highest and best uses, collaborating to divert quality logs from a chipper or landfill and transform them into enduring wood goods.
  • Urban Wood Network
    The Urban Wood Network is made up of individuals and entities from across the U.S. The network is dedicated to building urban wood businesses and promoting and demonstrating urban wood utilization.

Community Utilization Resources

Design Professional And Consumer Resources