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Forest Products Industry Listings

Wisconsin's primary forest products industry consists of firms that manufacture logs and pulpwood into wood and paper products. Specific examples include sawmills, plywood mills, veneer plants, pulp mills and firewood processors, as well as companies that manufacture products such as composite panels, log cabins and treated wood.

The mapping tool below was developed to connect buyers of wood and paper products with Wisconsin’s primary mills and to assist forest managers and loggers with identifying markets for harvested timber. Mill data can be refined by location, species processed, products processed and products sold and then downloaded for later reference.

Urban Wood Users Directory

The Urban Wood Users Directory [PDF] is a listing of companies and individuals who have let it be known to the Wisconsin DNR that they provide utilization options for urban wood in Wisconsin. The DNR presents this list with no intended endorsement of a particular company or services rendered, nor are criticism implied of companies not listed. Additional companies are available in Wisconsin, but have not contacted the department and are, therefore, not listed.

Descriptions of company/organization services were provided by each company/organization. The DNR takes no responsibility for any representation as to services provided made by the companies on this list.

The DNR developed this list based on available resources and proactive outreach and contacts. The list is not inclusive. If you are interested in adding your company or organization to this list, please contact the WI DNR Forest Products Services Program or submit the form provided at the end of the directory.