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Incidental take public notices

Prior to authorizing the incidental taking of an endangered or threatened species, the department must provide public notice of the proposed activity. Any application, conservation plan and implementing agreement submitted as part of a proposed incidental take project shall be available for public review upon request. The department shall consider all public comments on the proposed project if received within the comment period. If the public provides additional information that would impact the permit/authorization decision, it will be considered prior to final approval.

Project Name Public Notice End Date Public Notice Jeopardy Assessment

US 18 over Bark River –

Structure Replacements

Sep. 16, 2022 Public Notice IT391 Jeopardy Assessment IT391

Cobban Bridge Replacement Project

September 28, 2022 Public Notice IT394 Jeopardy Assessment IT394

Request notification of public notices

Public notices for proposed Incidental Take Authorizations must be distributed to the appropriate local and state news media and organizations that request such notification per s. 29.604, Wis. Stats. [exit DNR]

Incidental take coordinator
Department of Natural Resources
Bureau of Natural Heritage Conservation
Endangered Resources Review Program
PO Box 7921
Madison, WI 53707-7921