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Training, surveys and resources

Karner blue butterfly

Karner blue butterfly

Resources for HCP partners

Annual report

The Karner HCP Annual Reporting form is now available for HCP Partners. The annual report is due before March 1, 2021 for 2020 activities. Partner Agreements require that those that receive coverage under the Federal Incidental Take Permit for KBB submit a report detailing the activities (e.g. management, ground disturbance work, timber sales, prescribed burns, mowing, surveys, land transfers, outreach/education) that they engaged in for the year.

HCP guide and protocols

The Karner Blue Butterfly Habitat Conservation Plan User Guide is the single source of implementation guidelines and protocols for conserving habitat for the Karner blue butterfly, a federally-listed endangered species that is found in Wisconsin. The user's guide contains the management guidelines and protocols as well as the monitoring protocols used by plan partners when conducting activities in the high potential range of Karner blue in Wisconsin.

Download the complete HCP User Guide [PDF].


Management protocols

HCP User's guide flowchart
Habitat Conservation Plan documents
Apply for coverage

Application for consideration for inclusion in the Wisconsin statewide Karner blue butterfly HCP
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One-time permits with permanent take of habitat will require the completion of a Habitat Replacement Plan Template for Major Construction Projects that can be completed either concurrent with or after the partnership process.

Resources for HCP partners and non-partners

Emergence predictions

Karner blue butterfly flights are wrapped up for the year. Please check back next spring for 2022 flight predictions.


Please use our online survey to request training materials for the lupine and Karner blue surveys. It may take a few days to receive training materials. Training is required for anyone conducting Lupine and Karner Presence/Absence surveys, all new partners and valid for 5 years. Please direct any questions to the Karner HCP coordinator.

Survey forms

Reporting of Incidental Take Permit Use [exit DNR]
Lupine Presence/Absence (Formerly Level 1) [PDF]
Karner Presence/Absence (Formerly Level 2) [PDF]

Common nectar plants

Common nectar plants of the Karner blue butterfly