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High potential range in Wisconsin

Karner blue butterfly

Karner blue range map
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The Karner blue butterfly once ranged from Minnesota to Maine and into Canada and has been extirpated from parts of this range. To identify areas where the Karner blue butterfly has the highest probability of occurrence in Wisconsin, the Karner blue butterfly High Potential Range (HPR) was developed through a model. It does not represent the species distribution. The HPR currently includes portions of 20 counties. The probability model analyzed variables including known locations of Karners, soil type, land cover, water table and climate. It will continue to be updated as new information becomes available.

Interactive map

The GIS layer does not represent Karner blue butterfly distribution and should not be used for screening or reviewing a proposed land development or land management project for potential impacts to the KBB or other endangered resources. An ER Review will tell you if your project has the potential to impact the species, and what your next steps are. To determine if your project needs an ER Review, visit the DNR's ER Review webpage.