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Waterway protection

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The department is announcing its intention to reissue several statewide waterway and wetland general permits and issue a statewide waterway permit:

Each of these proposed permits has specific eligibility criteria including the project purpose and need, size of impact, and potential environmental resources that can be impacted, among other things. Once in place, the permit will be valid for 5 years and will allow members of the public to apply for coverage under the permit if the project meets all eligibility criteria and conditions. The department is inviting written comments on the proposed general permit. Written comments must be received by close of business on February 8, 2021. Please send comments by email to Amanda Minks via email at or by U.S. mail at DNR-WT/3, P.O. Box 7921, Madison, WI 53707-7921, phone number 608-220-0368.

An informational hearing will be held through the zoom meeting platform and is scheduled for Friday January 22, 2021 beginning promptly at 9:00 A.M. To participate in this hearing, attend this Zoom meeting:

Waterway crossing activities are those that revolve around projects aimed toward adding to the state's transportation infrastructure: specifically those that cross our state's waterways.

Water Levels & Crossings


Permit Activities

These projects can be as simple as a driveway culvert or as involved as a highway bridge.

Since these projects involve placing materials and structures on the bed or banks of a stream or lake, it is very important that they are conducted in a manner that takes into account the sensitive nature of these areas.