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PCB disposal and incineration facilities

In accordance with s. NR 157.07(5)(a), Wis. Adm. Code, the Department of Natural Resources is required to maintain a current listing of incinerators and secured landfills approved for disposal of polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) or products containing PCBs, as defined in s. NR 157.02, Wis. Adm. Code. This information is intended to satisfy this requirement. This list is considered valid as of January 2019. Additional facilities may be approved by the DNR in the future for disposal of PCBs.

The DNR recommends generators of PCB wastes always verify that a disposal facility has appropriate federal or state authorization (e.g., license, approval, etc.) necessary to accept a specific waste. This list is provided to meet regulatory requirements and for the convenience of generators of PCB waste. Specific requirements, procedures and costs need to be obtained directly from the facility. Please remember that PCB waste must be transported by a licensed transporter and comply with ch. NR 157, Wis. Adm. Code.

Facilities for PCB Disposal and Incineration

Appropriate PCB disposal options depend on the type of PCB waste involved.

PCB waste subject to regulation under TSCA

The federal Toxic Substances Control Act addresses the production, importation, use and disposal of specific chemicals including PCBs. TSCA-regulated PCB wastes are, generally, those with total PCB concentrations of 50 ppm or greater, except for bulk product wastes. TSCA-regulated PCB wastes are regulated by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Information about PCBs and TSCA can be found on EPA's website. DNR regulation of PCB waste under ch. NR 157, Wis. Adm. Code, and other DNR regulations do not supersede TSCA rules.

PCB bulk product waste, as defined in 40 CFR § 761.62(b)(1), consists of manufactured materials where PCBs are contained in a solid form and concentrations can exceed 50 ppm. Some materials are listed specifically in the rule, and others can be subject to a water leach test to determine if the total PCB concentration in the leaching medium is <10 mg/L. Listed materials include: plastics (such as plastic insulation from wire or cable; radio, television and computer casings; vehicle parts; or furniture laminates); preformed or molded rubber parts and components; applied dried paints, varnishes, waxes or other similar coatings or sealants; caulking; Galbestos; non-liquid building demolition debris; or non-liquid PCB bulk product waste from the shredding of automobiles or household appliances from which PCB small capacitors have been removed (shredder fluff). PCB bulk product waste may be disposed of in a solid waste landfill, if approved and in accordance with 40 CFR § 761.62.

In Wisconsin, TSCA-regulated solid waste is typically transported to out-of-state, TSCA-approved landfills or incinerators, listed on the EPA's website.

Disposal of TSCA-regulated solid waste can occur in licensed solid waste landfills on a case-by-case basis, if approved by both the DNR and U.S. EPA Region 5 under the TSCA coordinated approval process (40 CFR § 761.77).  Disposal would then be subject to both DNR and EPA approval requirements.

Disposal of PCB-contaminated solid wastes in incinerators, combustors, utility furnaces or industrial boilers, or by other combustion methods, is not currently available in Wisconsin. Combustion of PCB-contaminated waste oils in utility or industrial boilers has historically been limited to wastes generated by the owner of the facility and is not open to general acceptance. Regulation is exercised through Wisconsin DNR Air Management program permitting.

Disposal facilities for PCB-contaminated solid waste not subject to regulation under TSCA

The following list includes licensed solid waste landfills in Wisconsin that have received DNR approval to accept PCB-contaminated solid wastes not subject to regulation under TSCA. This may include PCB waste having total PCB concentrations of less than 50 ppm (<50 ppm PCB waste) or PCB waste meeting the TSCA definition of bulk product waste. Some landfills may have approval to dispose of < 50 ppm PCB waste and not bulk product waste. Contact the landfill operator to determine if it can accept bulk product waste.

County Landfill name Phone # DNR license #
Calumet Advanced Disposal Services (ADS), Hickory Meadows Landfill 920-853-8553 3134
Dane Dane County Landfill #2 Rodefeld Landfill 608-266-4990 3018
Dane Waste Management of Wisconsin (WMWI) Madison Prairie Landfill 608-837-9031 3318
Dodge ADS Glacier Ridge Landfill 920-387-0987 3068
Douglas City of Superior Moccasin Mike Landfill 715-395-7506 2627
Eau Claire ADS Seven Mile Creek Landfill 715-830-0284 3097
Green Lake WMWI Valley Trail Landfill 920-361-4995 3066
Jefferson WMWI Deer Track Park Landfill 608-837-9031 3230
Kenosha WMWI Pheasant Run Landfill 262-857-7956 3765
La Crosse La Crosse County Landfill 608-785-9572 3253
Lincoln Lincoln County Sanitary Landfill 715-536-9636 3141
Manitowoc WMWI Ridgeview South Landfill 920-796-6007 4292
Marathon Marathon County Bluebird Ridge Landfill 715-446-3339 4228
Marinette Mar-Oco Landfill 715-732-7782 3095
Milwaukee WMWI Metro Landfill 414-529-6180 1099
Monroe Monroe County Ridgeview II Landfill 608-269-8783 3660
Outagamie Outagamie County Northeast Landfill 920-832-1521 3235
Racine Republic Kestrel Hawk Landfill 262-884-7081 572
Rock City of Janesville Landfill 608-755-3110 3939
Rusk WMWI Timberline Trail Landfill 715-868-7000 3455
Vilas Highway G Sanitary Landfill 715-479-2938 3100
Walworth ADS Mallard Ridge Landfill 262-724-3257 3244
Washburn BFI Lake Area Landfill 715-469-3356 3474
Waukesha ADS Emerald Park Landfill 414-529-1360 3290
Waukesha WMWI Orchard Ridge Landfill 262-509-5629 3360
Wood ADS Cranberry Creek Landfill 715-421-3966 2967

Entry on the above list is not a recommendation for one site over another, does not imply preference, and does not imply that other disposal options are more or less desirable. Other licensed solid waste landfills may be suitable for disposal of PCB-contaminated solid wastes but cannot accept PCB waste until the owner/operator requests and receives written DNR approval to accept such waste.

The list is limited to solid waste disposal facilities that are commercially available to a range of generators, not captive operations used for wastes generated only by the owner/operator of a disposal facility. For that reason, it does not include licensed landfills owned by industrial companies and designed to accept high volume industrial waste. Such owners do not offer disposal services to non-company waste generators.

Owners/operators of solid waste landfills can set additional or more restrictive acceptance criteria as part of their operating policy. Other restrictions might be set by approval conditions.

Other disposal methods or types of facilities

Land application of non-TSCA PCB-contaminated solid waste is regulated under ch. NR 518, Wis. Adm. Code, the solid waste land application rule.  In general, land application is not likely to be practicable.

Small- and intermediate-size construction and demolition landfills approved under ch. NR 503, Wis. Adm. Code, are not licensed solid waste disposal facilities and are not approved to dispose of PCB-contaminated solid waste.  

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