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Check out the Snapshot Wisconsin Newsletter for exciting news, research updates and volunteer announcements related to the program. New editions of the newsletter are released every two to three months.

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May 2024 

Four young raccoons follow behind their mother on a log.

The snow has melted, April Showers have brought May flowers, and Snapshot is ready for spring! In this newsletter, we cover one of our recent rare species sightings, why certain animals change colors across the seasons, which young animals you're most likely to see during warmer Wisconsin weather, and how the newest class of newborns can contribute to science. Plus, tips for spring-time trail camera checks and the results of the latest global study, which includes data that Snapshot has contributed! 

February 2024 

A doe and two fawns stand in the forest

Snapshot Wisconsin trail cameras have collected millions of wildlife images throughout the course of the project. With nearly seven million deer detections in the database to date, Snapshot Wisconsin is a unique resource that has contributed and will continue to contribute, to a wide range of deer research topics and better-informed deer management decisions. In this newsletter edition, we look at the past, present and future of Snapshot's deer research!

October 2023

Happy Arts and Humanities Month, Wisconsin! Recently, Snapshot Wisconsin images have been used differently: inspiring artwork! This past summer, the Snapshot Wisconsin team presented at two art workshops that connected communities with wildlife, art and science. The Snapshot team made a call out to volunteers to share their art. We received many beautiful and unique pieces in many different mediums: books, woodcarvings, felt, metal sculptures, drawings, and digital, and compiled them in this newsletter for all to admire. 

June 2023

The Snapshot Wisconsin program is "people-powered research," as ecologist Neil Gilbert describes in our first article, discussing how he used Snapshot data in his recently published wildlife behavior studies. Another story covers how a family of Snapshot volunteers answered the call for bear den reports and had the experience of a lifetime assisting scientists with the den survey!

January 2023

Snapshot team member and an intern smile for the camera, wearing blaze orange as they search for elk calves to collar.

There's a new way that Snapshot data has been used to support wildlife management decisions, this time for Wisconsin's bobcat and fisher populations. The Snapshot team also welcomed an intern during the Summer of 2022. Searching for elk calves, data wrangling and an underwater photoshoot are just a few adventures Mira Johnson had while learning about careers in conservation!

June 2022

In this newsletter, two Snapshot educators share how they get people excited about nature and wildlife monitoring. The Snapshot team also highlights other citizen science programs that might interest our volunteers, and the team announces that the 2021 data is now available on the Wisconsin Data Dashboard! 

March 2022

A coyote along a snowy riverbank pauses to look at the camera.

Collaboration is at the heart of the Snapshot Wisconsin program, from working with NASA and UW-Madison to teaming up with Zooniverse daily to consensus classify photos. In this edition, the team sheds light on two lesser-known collaborations and how, through these partnerships, Snapshot Wisconsin has been able to contribute to national and international projects.

January 2022

Black bear with its tongue hanging out

The theme of this edition is the intersection of humor and science. The Snapshot team asked volunteers on the Zooniverse community to share funny captions for some entertaining Snapshot trail camera photos and share them with you here. The team also shares some of their favorites from over the years. Lastly, the time capsule has been assembled and tucked away; see the final contents in the last article. 

September 2021

Mother raccoon and her babies

The Snapshot team is building a time capsule that will serve as a "snapshot" of the program today. The group wrote up the story of the program's history, from a backyard experiment to reaching 50 million photos. They also created two new infographics that you don't want to miss. All these pieces and contributions from our volunteers will be added to the time capsule. Read more about this effort in this edition. 

July 2021

Sandhill cranes feeding in Jackson County

This newsletter edition focuses on the birds that appear on Snapshot Wisconsin's trail cameras. Read about a unique collaboration with the Wisconsin Breeding Bird Atlas II and learn more about sandhill cranes in the species highlight. Plus, the Snapshot team announces that the 2020 data is available on the Data Dashboard. 

May 2021

Collage of Snapshot Wisconsin's favorite photos out of the first 50 million photos

As a graduate student (who has been with Snapshot Wisconsin for many years) moves on to his next research project, let's look at his research into pairing Snapshot trail camera images with aerial images from space. The Snapshot team also highlights a volunteer and nature center that uses Snapshot photos in their outreach programs.

February 2021

Collage of Snapshot Wisconsin's favorite photos out of the first 50 million photos

The Snapshot Wisconsin team members are busy compiling a dataset of all the elk photos from the previous calendar year. The research of two important collaborators within the DNR is highlighted in this edition. Both use Snapshot photos from the elk dataset to improve elk monitoring in Wisconsin.

December 2020

Collage of Snapshot Wisconsin's favorite photos out of the first 50 million photos

Snapshot Wisconsin reached its 50 millionth photo, so the team discusses how images are processed and turned into usable data. Read about a new partnership between the Natural Resources Foundation of Wisconsin and Snapshot Wisconsin. 


October 2020

Bear views by county, as seen on Snapshot's Data Dashboard

The Snapshot team discussed its new data visualization tool, the Data Dashboard, and the designer explained some design choices.