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Wisconsin's endangered and threatened species list

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The first list of Wisconsin's endangered and threatened (E/T) species was developed in 1972 following the enactment of Wisconsin's endangered species law. The list was created to restrict the taking, possession or marketing of species threatened with extinction from the state.

View the list of Wisconsin E/T species

How and when is the E/T species list revised?

Since 1972, the list has been revised 11 times, most recently in January 2014. The DNR's Natural Heritage Conservation Program policy recommends that the E/T list should be reviewed every five years or sooner, as needed, based on changes in species population conditions. However, because changes in a species status can occur more frequently, these changes are reflected in the state's Natural Heritage Working List, which is dynamic and is updated as new information becomes available. Additionally, according to Wisconsin Law Chapter NR 27.04 Wis. Adm. Code - "Any 3 persons may petition the department to review the status of any listed or unlisted wild animal or wild plant."

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