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Electronics recycling information for schools

All K-12 schools now eligible for E-Cycle Wisconsin

As of August 2021, all K-12 schools in Wisconsin are eligible to participate in the E-Cycle Wisconsin program. Previously, only K-12 public and Parental Choice Program schools were eligible.

Many electronics, including computers, printers and TVs, are banned from Wisconsin landfills and incinerators. All schools must either recycle electronics or manage them as hazardous waste.

All Wisconsin K-12 schools may take advantage of the E-Cycle Wisconsin program to recycle their electronics. E-Cycle Wisconsin provides a network of electronics recyclers in the state.

If your school already works with a responsible recycler, you don't need to change. However, contracting with a registered E-Cycle Wisconsin recycler may save your school money. E-Cycle Wisconsin registered recyclers recycle on behalf of electronics manufacturers. Because the manufacturers cover some of the costs for recycling electronics, the cost to schools should be lower.

Other schools, colleges and universities may also use the registered E-Cycle Wisconsin recyclers and may be able to recycle electronics at a low cost, but are not eligible for the manufacturer-subsidized recycling. Check with the brand owners of your school's electronics to see if they have any special take-back programs for schools.

Choosing a recycler

If your school decides to choose a new recycler, the DNR’s guide to electronics recycling may be a helpful resource. We recommend your school contacts two or three recyclers to make sure their services fit your needs.

Educating students about electronics recycling

Electronics are a big part of kids' lives. It is important to educate students about the environmental impacts of electronics and how to dispose of them the right way.

Class activities