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E-Cycle Wisconsin outreach resources


Local governments, retailers, collectors, recyclers, manufacturers and others can use the outreach materials on this page to educate their residents and customers about E-Cycle Wisconsin and Wisconsin's electronics recycling law. All materials on this page are available for free use unless otherwise noted.

A number of E-Cycle Wisconsin graphics  and electronics recycling images are available for download and use.

E-Cycle Wisconsin graphics and images portal


How to order E-Cycle Wisconsin publications

Anyone is welcome to order free, printed copies of the E-Cycle Wisconsin publications. If you would like editable electronic versions or high-resolution files to print the publications yourself, contact We can help you determine the best way to add your local information to these publications.

E-Cycle Wisconsin Publications Order Form

Official E-Cycle Wisconsin publications

The two-sided, 8.5-by-11-inch eligible electronic devices/landfill and incineration bans flier has pictures of the electronics accepted under E-Cycle Wisconsin on one side and the electronics banned from Wisconsin landfills and incinerators on the other side.

The two-sided E-Cycle Wisconsin 1/3-page flier covers the basic information and most frequently asked questions about the program and recycling electronics. It can be used as an insert in bills or other mailings or in situations where you would like a smaller handout.

E-Cycle Wisconsin business cards contain instructions for accessing the list of registered collection sites on the DNR's website and a list of the electronics banned from landfills and incinerators.

The two-sided, 6-by-9-inch Excel at E-cycleg/Recycle Right handout includes tips for properly managing used electronics and household recycling.

The E-Cycle Wisconsin customer/resident education sign may be used by electronics retailers, local governments or others that want to post information reminding customers or residents that electronics cannot be thrown away and must be recycled.

E-Cycle Wisconsin posters are 18 by 24 inches and designed for use at collection sites, in classrooms and other locations. You may order free copies printed in full color on thin, glossy paper, or contact to get the high-resolution files to print your own display version on different material.

This e-cycling infographic summarizes successes and challenges over the first nine years of Wisconsin's electronics recycling law. Individual graphics are available upon request.

Other materials for displays/exhibits

E-Cycle Wisconsin has a number of other materials, including a transparent television where you can see the recyclable electronic parts, that can be displayed at a conference, festival or other event. These materials help explain the importance of recycling electronics. Contact us at if you are interested in borrowing materials or would like suggestions on putting together a display.

Newsletter articles

Newsletter articles

Below are three sets of newsletter articles that you may use to promote E-Cycle Wisconsin and explain the need to recycle electronics. These articles can be used as they are or modified to include local information. Please contact us if you would like Word versions of any article.

Videos and PSAs

What happens when we e-cycle?

Ever wonder what happens to electronics after you drop them off at a collection point? This video takes you inside today's high-tech electronics recycling operations.

DNR video ads

The DNR produced this 30-second ad in 2023.

The DNR created a 30-second ad about the fire risk from electronics with lithium-ion batteries when thrown in the trash.

This DNR-produced 15-second ad was updated in 2022.

The DNR updated this 15-second ad in 2021.

In 2019, the DNR created this 15-second ad celebrating the first 10 years of E-Cycle Wisconsin.

This DNR-produced 30-second ad first began airing in spring 2014.

Radio advertisements

The DNR has aired radio spots in English, Spanish and Hmong to promote E-Cycle Wisconsin. If you are interested in using these, please contact