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Air Permit Search

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Air Permit Search

The Air Permit Search Tool allows you to find information on individual air pollution control permits as well as view or download copies of the actual permit and associated documents for businesses in Wisconsin. The search tool is very flexible and allows broad or very specific searches. However, please keep in mind that the broader your search, the more records will be returned which may cause longer computer response times.

Quick tips

  • Select at least one search term in order to perform a search.
  • Use combinations of search terms to refine your search.
  • Entries "Facility Name" and "Street Address" are not case sensitive.
  • Entries "Facility Name" and "Street Address" are sensitive to periods, hyphens and spaces.
  • You can use portions of numbers or text when searching by FID, Facility Name or Street Address. The default setting for these types of searches is "Starts with." This setting can be changed to "Contains" or "Exact Match" by checking the button in front of these choices.
  • You can choose a beginning and/or end date when searching by permit milestone or activity date.
  • Check your search terms if the results aren't what you expect.