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Air Pollution Control Operation Permit Renewals FAQ

The following questions and answers explain how to submit an air pollution control operation permit renewal application.

When does a facility need to renew its operation permit?

Many Wisconsin facilities have air pollution control operation permits. Any operation permit that has an expiration date on its cover page will need to be renewed. For permits that require renewal, the permittee must apply for the renewal at least six months prior to permit expiration, but no more than 18 months prior to permit expiration. If a complete operation permit renewal application is submitted to the department in the appropriate time frame, the facility may continue to operate after the permit expires while the department reviews the renewal application. Part 70 permits (major source/Title V permits) expire every five years.

Most non-Part 70 operation permits issued after December 2015 do not contain an expiration date. Non-Part 70 permits issued prior to December 2015 and non-Part 70 permits containing an expiration date must submit a timely renewal application. Most non-Part 70 permits, upon renewal, will not have an expiration date. Changes at sources with non-expiring non-Part 70 operation permits will be addressed through construction permits, exemptions and/or operation permit revisions.

What resources are available when preparing an Operation Permit Renewal Application?

The Operation permit Renewal Application Resources fact sheet provides links to resources intended to assist permittees applying for operation permit renewals.

The Renewal Pre-Application Assistance Video provides instructions on the renewal application process.

What needs to be done to renew a facility's operation permit?

Follow and complete the Renewal Application Checklist. Submit the materials and the completed checklist as follows:

Submit the completed operation permit renewal application, including the Renewal Application Checklist, to the department using either Option 1 or Option 2 below.

Option 1


*Applications must be signed by the responsible official for the source. Upon receipt of an electronic application the department will send an email with instructions for e-Signing or submitting an ink signature. A photocopied or scanned signature does not meet the department’s signature requirements.


Option 2

Mail the ORIGINAL  COPY of all materials with ink signature on form 4530-100 to the following address:

Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources
Air Management Program, AM/7
Attn: Permits
PO Box 7921
Madison WI 53707-7921