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Air Permit Public Involvement

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The Clean Air Act and Wisconsin State Statutes call for public participation and input on air permit actions. The tables below can help the public find these opportunities.

Air permit applications received

This page lists air pollution control permit applications currently under review by the DNR’s Air Management Program. The application is available for viewing from this page. Once the DNR posts a public notice that the review of this application is available for public comment, the application will move to the Air Public Notices table.

Air public notices

This page lists air pollution control permit actions recently posted for public comment. You can view the public notice, application, draft permit and analysis documents by clicking on a facility name or permit number in the table. Once a final permit decision is made, these documents will move to the Air permit final decisions table.

Air permit final decisions

This page lists final permit decisions made by the DNR within the last 180 days. The public comment period for these permits is closed. The final permit decisions and responses to public comments are posted for public awareness and can be viewed by clicking the links in the table.

Quick tips

  • You can view documents by clicking on any live links in the tables.
  • Important dates and deadlines are listed in the tables.
  • For information on how to request or participate in a public hearing, click the live link in the public notice column.
  • For questions on any permit action listed in the tables, contact the permit writer. To find the permit writer, click on the name in the last column.
  • To be added to the notifications of draft permits available for the public comment mailing list, send an email to Include:
    • preferences on being notified for all permit actions or for actions in a specific county or counties
    • preferences on actions for a specific facility. When requesting notification for permit actions for a specific facility include the facility ID number (FID) or the facility address.

Determine the type of permit based on the permit number

Construction and operation permits have different but very specific permit number sequences. Just looking at the permit number can tell the viewer which type of permit it is.

Construction permit numbers start with two digits for the year and indicate the year the permit application is received by DNR. These numbers are followed by three letter initials indicating the permit writer’s initials. The last three numbers are assigned by DNR. Example: ###–ABC-###. If there is an “-R” with a number after the last three digits, that means the permit is a revision of a construction permit.

Operation permit numbering uses the first eight digits of the nine digit facility ID assigned by DNR, followed by a letter and then a dash. After the dash, there is a letter and two more numbers. Example: ########A-P##. The letter after the dash indicates the type of permit:

  • P for Title V
  • F for synthetic minor
  • S for minor
  • R for Registration
  • G for General

The two digits after that letter are assigned sequentially from “01,” increasing with each revision.

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