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Air permit contacts

Please contact the appropriate staff based on your permit type or topic.

Permit Type or Topic Staff Contact(s)
Small business assistance Small Business Environmental Assistance Program


Application processes Dave Minkey – Construction permit applications
Mary Oleson – Operation permit applications
Dispersion modeling analyses John Roth
Permit Exemptions Dave Minkey – Construction permit exemptions
Barb Pavliscak – Operation permit exemptions
General permits Alex Torres
Registration permits Alex Torres
Operation Permit Renewals Mary Oleson
Permit search tool technical questions Megan Corrado
Policy issues and rule applicability

Ron Binzley

Dave Minkey - Construction Permit Issues

Mary Oleson - Operation Permit Issues

Emissions inventory and reporting Megan Corrado
Compliance Ashley Gray
Compliance assistance for small sources Contacts by County
Compliance certifications or monitoring reports Ashley Gray
Stack tests Andy Seeber