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Air Emissions Inventory Tutorials and Fundamentals

The tutorials below cover many aspects of the air emissions inventory (EI) and the Air Reporting System (ARS) which is the web-based program used to report an EI or under-thresholds-notification (UTN), from obtaining reporting authorization to certifying final emissions.

Each tutorial may be used independently and does not rely on information from other tutorials. The tutorials may combine slides with screenshots of the ARS program.

Direct all questions and concerns to:

Megan Corrado, 608-405-0327



Why is the Create UTN button inactive in the Air Reporting System (ARS)?

Before an Under-Thresholds-Notification (UTN) can be created, the facility info and contact info must be reviewed including completion of the Environmental Management System questionnaire and saved or marked complete in the ARS. For comprehensive directions on how to review/revise facility and contact data, see the Reporting Contacts and Reporting Facility Data presentations.

Why is the Create Certification button inactive in ARS?

Before an air emissions inventory (EI) can be certified, an EI must be submitted and the facility air contact must receive an email from DNR indicating that internal review of the EI is complete and certification can proceed. UTNs are not certified.

How is a device and/or process deleted in ARS?

To delete a device and/or process in ARS, email the facility ID (nine-digit number), device/process ID and end date (the date the device/process should be deleted) to either:

How is a North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) code changed?

To change a NAICS code, email the following information:

  • the new NAICS code
  • the start date for the new code
How are the air contacts changed (i.e., facility air management contact, facility billing contact, facility air permit contact and responsible corporate official)?

For facility air contact, facility billing contact, and/or facility air permit contact non-submittal roles:

For the responsible corporate official (RCO):

How are the air submittal contacts changed or roles granted (i.e., air compliance submittal, air emission inventory submittal and air permit action submittal)?

See Credentials and Access presentation for detailed directions with screenshots.

How is a control efficiency added and revised in ARS?

See Adding and Revising Controlling Devices and Processes presentation for detailed directions with screenshots.

Why is a selected device or process missing?

It is likely that an end date was inadvertently added. E-mail information about the missing device and/or process to either:

Why are UTNs not certifiable?

UTNs are submitted in lieu of an EI and EI certification. An UTN is submitted when emissions are below all reporting thresholds in table 1 of Chapter NR 438, Wis. Adm. Code.

Can device or process IDs be changed?

No. Once a device or process is created, its ID is created and cannot be changed. However, a device and/or process can be deleted and then recreated under another ID if necessary.

How is a facility's name changed?

To change a facility's name, follow the directions on the Notifying the Air Program About Administrative Facility Changes page.

How is a permit revoked?

To revoke an air permit, follow the directions on the Notifying the Air Program About Facility Closings page.

How is a permit application withdrawn?

To withdraw a permit application, the facility’s responsible official (person legally responsible for the operation of the permitted air pollution source [see NR 400.02(136), Wis. Adm. Code]) must submit a written request to DNR by email or letter. This request should be sent to:

    - or -
  • Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources
    Air Program, AM/7
    Attention: Permits
    PO Box 7921
    Madison WI 53707-7921
Why is a facility included in the annual EI emailing?

All facilities included in the annual EI correspondence may need to submit an EI or UTN and include:

  • Facilities that had an active permit or permit application during the EI year.
  • Facilities that exceeded reporting thresholds for a pollutant in Chapter NR 438, Wis. Adm. Code, for the previous EI year.
  • Facilities DNR has asked to submit an EI.
Who is required to submit an EI?

Facilities required to submit an EI include:

Who is required to submit a UTN?

Any facility that is below all reporting thresholds in Chapter NR 438, Wis. Adm. Code, and has or needs a Registration Operation Permit (ROP). However, the department strongly encourages every facility that is below reporting thresholds to submit a UTN to confirm that an emissions review has been conducted and contact information is current.

Who is required to certify an EI?

Any facility that has or needs an air permit and is above a reporting threshold in Chapter NR 438, Wis. Adm. Code.

How does a permitting exemption impact EI?

A permitting exemption has no impact on who should report an EI. The EI requirement is driven by the criteria listed in question Who is required to submit an EI?.

How is a two-week submittal extension (until March 15 for an EI or UTN) requested?

Email the facility-assigned compliance engineer the extension request. Find the facility-assigned compliance engineer's contact information by searching the permit tracking site for the facility and selecting the DNR Air Contacts tab on the facility information page.