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Contact: Amanda Kamps, DNR Wildlife Health Conservation Specialist or 608-712-5280

DNR Announces 2022 Keep Wildlife Wild Poster Contest Winners

A poster created by a fifth-grader using colored pencils, showing a fawn laying in the grass with the words "Keep Wildlife Wild 2022" and "If you care, leave them there!" Poster artwork by fifth-grade first-place winner Brynlee Roelli from Monroe. Photo credit: Brynlee Roelli

MADISON, Wis. – The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) is excited to announce the winners of the Keep Wildlife Wild poster contest. This year’s theme is “If You Care, Leave Them There.”

Submitted by fourth through sixth graders around the state, each poster helps spread the word about our shared role in keeping all wildlife healthy and, most importantly, wild.

“The Keep Wildlife Wild poster contest is a fun way for kids to help spread the important message to keep wildlife wild,” said Amanda Kamps, DNR Wildlife Health Conservation Specialist. “We’re thankful to the educators who incorporate environmental education into their classrooms and to all the students who help spread the word on what to do if you find a baby animal in the wild.”

During the warmer months of spring and summer, the frequency of human-wildlife interactions increases, especially those involving baby animals. Around this time of year, Wisconsinites take advantage of the warmer weather outdoors, and at the same time, wild animals are on the move, emerging in search of food, often with babies in tow. Most wildlife encounters are harmless, but sometimes well-intentioned people interfere in wildlife situations because they incorrectly assume a young animal is orphaned.

The Keep Wildlife Wild program encourages everyone to be a little wildlife savvy. Protecting the health and well-being of wild animals starts with knowing about their natural behaviors and what to do if a baby animal truly needs help. The poster contest is a fun way for kids to learn about Wisconsin wildlife and become environmental stewards.

Congratulations to all winners! The DNR would also like to thank every student who submitted a poster entry and helped spread the word.

View all the winning posters on the DNR’s website.

Artwork from first place poster winner Arianna Hernandez from New Berlin

Fourth-grade winners:

  • First place: Arianna Hernandez from New Berlin (pictured right)
  • Second place: Catherine Cairns from Hillsboro
  • Third place: Devan Chute from Hillsboro

Fifth-grade winners:

  • First place: Brynlee Roelli from Monroe
  • Second place: Lauren Franzen from Cuba City
  • Third place: Phoebe Miranda from La Crosse

Artwork from first place Julia Plichta from Germantown

Sixth-grade winners:

  • First place: Julia Plichta from Germantown (pictured right)
  • Second place: Ariana Hartwig-Dickerson from Horicon
  • Third place: Penelope Marquardt from Kewaskum

Guidelines and dates for the 2022-23 Keep Wildlife Wild poster contest will be posted on the DNR website in August.

For more information on what to do if you come across a young animal or an animal of any age that may be sick or injured, visit the DNR’s Keep Wildlife Wild webpage.