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Keep Wildlife Wild 2022 poster design contest

The Wisconsin DNR is pleased to announce the winners of the fourth-annual Keep Wildlife Wild poster contest! Winners were selected from entries submitted by 4th, 5th and 6th graders across the state. Thank you to all of the participants, and congratulations to the winners!

Wisconsin's Keep Wildlife Wild initiative provides information about wildlife species' natural behaviors, tips on how to tell if a wild animal is truly orphaned and what to do if you find a wild animal in need of assistance.

And The Winners Are...

4th Grade, 1st Place: Arianna Hernandez from New Berlin

2022_KWW Poster Contest_4th grade_1st place_Arianna Hernandez.jpeg

4th Grade, 2nd Place: Catherine Cairns from Hillsboro

2022_KWW Poster Contest_4th grade_2nd place_Catherine Cairns.jpeg

4th Grade, 3rd Place: Devan Chute from Hillsboro

2022_KWW Poster Contest_4th grade_3rd place_Devan Chute.jpeg

5th Grade, 1st Place: Brynlee Roelli from Monroe

2022_KWW Poster Contest_5th grade_1st place_Brynlee Roelli.jpeg

5th Grade, 2nd Place: Lauren Franzen from Cuba City

2022_KWW Poster Contest_5th grade_2nd place_Lauren Franzen.jpeg

5th Grade, 3rd Place: Phoebe Miranda from La Crosse

2022_KWW Poster Contest_5th grade_3rd place_Phoebe Miranda.jpeg

6th Grade, 1st Place: Julia Plichta from Germantown

2022_KWW Poster Contest_6th grade_1st place_Julia Plichta.jpeg

6th Grade, 2nd Place: Ariana Hartwig-Dickerson from Horicon

2022_KWW Poster Contest_6th grade_2nd place_Ariana Hartwig-Dickerson.jpeg

6th Grade, 3rd Place: Penelope Marquardt from Kewaskum

2022_KWW Poster Contest_6h grade_3rd place_Penelope Marquardt poster.jpeg

Annual Poster Contest Guidelines And Resources

Check back in August for 2022-23 school year poster contest dates and guidelines.

The annual Keep Wildlife Wild poster design contest is open to 4-6th grade students who attend public, private, parochial or home schools in Wisconsin.

We think the name says a lot, but what exactly does it mean to Keep Wildlife Wild? Find out all the ways you can help keep wild animals in Wisconsin safe and healthy on our Keep Wildlife Wild webpage. Then use what you learn to turn your ideas into a piece of art. If you have questions on the submission procedures, contact