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Contact: Marty Nessman, DNR Private Water Supply Section Chief or 608-574-2592

DNR Launches Webpage To Provide Information Hub For Special Well Casing Depth Area In Towns Of Hudson And Warren In St. Croix County

MADISON, Wis. – The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) today announced the launch of a new webpage and informational resources for residents in St. Croix County affected by private drinking water wells contaminated with trichloroethylene (TCE), a volatile organic compound (VOC).

The new St. Croix special well casing depth area (SWCDA) webpage includes information on public meetings, background on the source of the contamination and related health guidance from the Wisconsin Department of Health Services.

The TCE contamination affects residents in the towns of Warren and Hudson, specifically those who live within the St. Croix Special Well Casing Area. The DNR established the Special Well Casing Depth Area in July 1991 to protect residents from drinking contaminated groundwater.

Comingled plumes of contamination from three nearby sources caused the groundwater to become contaminated with TCE. TCE is a solvent often used in industrial processes and may also be discharged to the environment from unintentional releases or improper disposal of industrial wastes at landfills. 

How To Learn More

  • St. Croix Special Well Casing Depth Area Listserv
    The DNR encourages residents in the affected area to sign up for the email listserv to receive information about the Special Well Casing Depth Area, including information about upcoming public meetings.
  • Email Your Questions 
    To submit questions to the DNR regarding the St. Croix Special Well Casing Depth Area, please contact staff by email here:

The DNR is currently evaluating water quality data and working to define the extent and magnitude of the contamination. The DNR is also reviewing previously issued variances and exploring potential future funding options. The DNR will engage with interested stakeholders, including local legislators, elected officials, well drillers, property owners and developers as it navigates the path forward.

Additional information and guidance can be found by visiting the DNR’s St. Croix Special Well Casing Depth Area webpage.