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Volunteer hunter education instructor lesson plans

The following lesson plans are here for your convenience to view or print for your hunter education classes.

Requirement - Volunteer instructor hours report

The following PDFs are here for your convenience to view and print. Manage your safety education volunteer hours on these forms and send it to WI DNR PO Box 7921 Madison, WI 53791 after you complete each of your hunter safety education courses.

HE Tools

Training aids/miscellaneous items

Training aids may be obtained through your outdoor skill trainer (OST).

  • The hunter education law enforcement presentation video is to be used only in place of a warden if the warden is unable to attend the class.
  • If you will have internet access at the location the course will be taught, use the video below:

If the location does not have internet access, save the warden video [MP4] to play while offline.

Volunteer instructor dashboard

The following PDF's are here for your convenience to view or print for you when managing your safety education classes using the online instructor dashboard. Take some time to view these documents to help you through any questions you may have.