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Online safety education courses

Requirements for all safety education courses

All Wisconsin recreational safety students are required to obtain a Wisconsin DNR Customer ID Number when registering for a safety education class and must provide that number to their instructor.

DNR-approved online courses

Hunter education - Hunter internet field day (non-age specific)

This course is designed for the busy student or working adult that cannot fit a traditional class into their already busy schedule.

  • Students must register with a certified internet field day instructor and then complete the online training before attending the field day.
  • Online coursework with an 80% passing score or higher to obtain a field day voucher.
  • Wisconsin hunter education in-person internet field day requirement.

After passing the course, you will spend a day in the field reinforcing what you learned online, basic firearm safety and handling skills. You will be tested on what you have learned at the end of the field day. The field day is mandatory to earn your hunter education safety certification. The cost will vary depending on which website is used. The DNR-approved online courses are:

An additional $10 DNR fee is required to obtain your certification.

Adult hunter education (18+)

18 years of age or older: The adult online course has the same general content as the traditional classroom course and online/field day course but requires state-specific information to be covered along with a final exam in which the student must achieve a score of 80% or better to pass.

This course is designed for adults that have prior hunting and/or firearms handling experience. If you do not have prior hunting or firearms handling experience it is highly recommended that you take a traditional classroom course or attend an internet field day course in order to receive one-on-one firearms handling training with a certified hunter education instructor.

The two approved online course options for the adult hunter education online program are:

An additional $10 DNR fee is required to obtain your certification.

Adult Archery education (18+)

Wisconsin Bowhunter Ed Course [exit DNR] ($30) is a Wisconsin-approved online course covering all the information you need to get started. If you are 18 years of age or older, passing the online Wisconsin Bowhunter's Ed Course will complete your bowhunter education. Those under the age of 18 must complete an archery course taught by a certified DNR archery instructor.

Course features:

  • Education from the industry-leading experts in bowhunting education;
  • Fun and engaging content;
  • Videos, interactive animations and illustrations;
  • Designed for any device;
  • Customer support 8:30 a.m. to midnight; and
  • Free to start. Free to study. Pay only when you pass.

An additional $10 DNR fee is required to obtain your certification.

ATV education courses

Operators of all-terrain vehicles can receive ATV safety certification through web courses. Students can take a course at any age but will not receive their official certification until they turn 12 years of age.

Available online courses:

Off-highway motorcycles education courses

Operators of off-highway motorcycles (OHMs) can only receive safety certification through web courses. Students can take a course at any age, but the certification is not valid until they turn 12 years of age.

Previous Wisconsin ATV safety graduates need only complete the OHM safety certification short course which is free and offered online at [exit DNR] or Wisconsin ATV Rider's Ed Course [exit DNR].

Operators in need of both OHM and ATV safety certification may complete the online combination course available at either [exit DNR] or Wisconsin ATV Rider's Ed Course [exit DNR].

Snowmobile courses

Operators of snowmobiles can receive snowmobile safety certification through web courses. Students must be 16 or older in order to become certified by these online courses.

Available online courses

Boating courses

Available online courses:

  • Boat Wisconsin Course [exit DNR] - A three-hour course split into short segments that are designed for easy comprehension and quick learning. This course has identical text that students study in DNR's classroom courses, with more than 200 realistic drawings, more than an hour of streaming videos and interactive animations.
  • [exit DNR] - Suitable for boaters of any age and reading skills. This course takes a minimum of three hours to complete.
  • Wisconsin Boat Rental Course [exit DNR] - A course for Wisconsin residents and visitors who do not already possess a valid boating education certificate, but who wish to rent a boat or personal watercraft (PWC) to operate on Wisconsin waters. The course covers all the information you'll need to know to receive your temporary boating certificate.