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Wisconsin Natural Resources Board

April 2020 Natural Resources Board agenda This is the official agenda.

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Public Appearance list

Written Comment list

Public Participation Deadline: NRB Liaison receipt of your written comment is 11:00 a.m. on Friday, March 27, 2020.

In light of COVID-19, the Natural Resources Board will be meeting via conference call. Members of the public can submit written comments by the posted deadline date for Board consideration.

The public may listen to the Board meeting via live webcast at this link.



For meeting at:
Room G09, State Natural Resources Building (GEF 2)
101 South Webster Street
Madison, Wisconsin

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Wisconsin Natural Resources Board special meeting will convene via conference call at 8 a.m. on Wednesday, April 1, 2020, from Meeting Room G09, State Natural Resources Building (GEF 2), 101 South Webster Street, Madison, Wisconsin. The Board will act on items 1 and 2 as listed on the Agenda.

NOTICE IS FURTHER GIVEN that matters concerning natural resource issues or the Department’s program responsibilities or operations specified in the Wisconsin Statutes, which arise after publication of this agenda may be added to the agenda and publicly noticed no less than two hours before the scheduled board meeting, if the Board Chair determines that the matter is urgent.


    1. Calling the roll
    2. Approval of agenda for April 1, 2020
    ADOPTION (Written Comments Welcome)
    MISCELLANEOUS (Written Comments Welcome)
    1. Request adoption of Emergency Board Order WM-30-19(E), proposed rules affecting chapter NR 10 related to establishing the 2020 migratory bird season framework and regulations
      (Taylor Finger, Migratory Bird Specialist)
    2. Request approval of department recommendations for the FY 2021 Laboratory
      Certification and Registration Program Fee Adjustment
      (Steve Geis, Certification Services Section Chief)

Board Meetings are webcast live. To watch, go to the webcast archive and click on this month’s meeting. After each meeting, the webcast will be permanently available on demand.

The following meeting resources also are available: Agenda Item Packets (also known as green sheet packages are linked to the corresponding item on the meeting agenda website here, supporting documents, and public comment. Media Site recordings and the Brief of Action are used as the legal record of Board Meetings.

Due to public health advisories on COVID-19, there will be no Open Forum or public appearances for the April special meeting. Future 2020 Open Forum remote presentation opportunities may be held at the following DNR locations (schedule is subject to change):

Date of Meeting Meeting Location Remote Location
April 21-22 Madison Green Bay/NER
April 25-26 Madison Rhinelander/NOR
April 7-8 Madison Milwaukee/SER
May 26-27 Madison Eau Claire/WCR
June 23-24 Oshkosh area/NER Fitchburg/SCR
August 11-12 Oak Creek area/SER Spooner/NOR
September 22-23 Superior area/NOR Fitchburg/SCR
October 27-28 Madison Green Bay/NER
December 8-9 Madison Eau Claire/WCR
January 26-27, 2021 Madison Rhinelander/NOR

Please contact Laurie Ross, NRB Liaison, at 608-267-7420 or by email at with NRB related questions, to request information, to submit written comments, to register to attend a Board tour, and to register to testify at a meeting or listening session.

Public Participation Deadline: NRB Liaison receipt of your request to testify and/or written comment is 11:00 a.m. on Friday, March 27, 2020

The NRB and Department of Natural Resources are committed to serving people with disabilities. Please contact the NRB Liaison to request NRB information in an alternative format.