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Ordering Tree and Shrub Seedlings

Our online ordering season has now closed. Ordering for spring of 2025 begins on Monday, October 7, 2024.
Attention 4th grade teachers: Free tree seedling ordering for Arbor Day 2024 has now ended. Please check back in the fall of 2024 to place an order for spring of 2025.

Ordering Notes

  • For a successful tree planting experience, please seek professional advice from your local DNR forester or private consultant forester to develop a tree planting plan which will address species selection, site preparation needs, cost share programs available, tree planter rental options, information on forest tax law programs and other forest management topics.
  • A minimum order is a packet of 300 trees or shrubs (you select the species for your packet in increments of 100), 500 shrubs or 1,000 trees. Orders of 100 to 400 seedlings must be purchased in lots of 100 seedlings of the same species. To receive a price reduction for larger orders of 500 to 2,900, you must purchase a minimum of 500 seedlings of the same species; for orders of 3,000 or more, you must purchase a minimum of 3,000 seedlings of the same species.
  • An uncounted bulk order consists of at least 3,000 trees of one species and age. Exception: uncounted orders are not accepted for certain species.)
  • Optional DNR Reforestation Program shipping is available at $7.00 (for 300 to 1,000 seedlings) or $0.70 per 100 (for 1,000 or more seedlings).
  • A 5.5% sales tax must be added to the total nursery order. Seedlings used for silviculture purposes may be tax exempt. If you believe your order is tax exempt, please complete Department of Revenue Form 211.