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Give a Gift of Green

Through "Give a Gift of Green" you can purchase quality nursery stock through our Reforestation Program to give to another person to plant on his or her land. Your thoughtfulness will plant a legacy for the future and will contribute towards a greener, healthier environment.

To purchase a "Give a Gift of Green" packet of 300 seedlings, call the Griffith State Nursery at 715-424-3700 and request an order form and gift certificate. Once you have received both of them, gift recipients must place the actual seedling order and have the gift certificate accompany the order form and payment.

Seedlings are available for planting in April and May. State nursery stock may be used for conservation purposes only and may not be used for ornamental plantings or landscaping.

If you would prefer to contribute to a reforestation project on a state forest, go to Forests for the Future Fund to make a financial donation.