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Horseback Riding

Wildcat Mountain State Park

Wildcat Mountain State Park has several horse trail loops totaling 15 miles and offers 24 campsites for equestrians available northeast of the park office off Taylor Valley Road. The park does not have horses to rent. Experienced riders can rent horses to ride in Ontario.  

Horse trails

The two-way trail begins and ends at the campground. Riders will wind their way through the hills and valleys of the park. Most of the climbs are gradual, reaching a height of 200 to 250 feet. A state trail pass is required for horseback riders 16 years of age and older. Bicycles are not allowed on the horse trails.

Riders should use good judgment to not ride during very wet conditions, to reduce erosion and leave the trails stable. All riders must stay on marked trails. Horse trails are open May 1 to November 14 annually. Horse trail map [PDF].

  • Red Loop. The Red loop is a 1.7-mile trail and begins at the horse campground.
  • Purple Loop. The Purple loop is a 3-mile trail that connects to the Red Loop, and takes riders to three different overlooks.
  • Blue, Yellow and Orange Trails. The Blue Trail, Yellow and Orange trails connect to the Purple Loop, taking riders farther from the park's main use areas.
  • Green Trail. The Green trail cuts connects to the Red and Purple loops.
  • Rock Johnson Loop. This trail begins north of the horse camp and winds its way up onto a high ridge connecting with the Purple loop.