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Overnight Parking on DNR lands

Overnight parking is allowed in certain parking lots at Wisconsin state properties for visitors who are out backpacking or on a multi-day paddle trip. If choosing to park overnight, we recommend following a few best practices.

  • Do not park in parking lots with “No Overnight Parking” signs. 
  • Notify the property office to help avoid a ticket or the assumption by staff that someone is lost or injured at the property. Call the main property contact number and leave a description of the vehicle and the dates it will be left overnight. 
  • Vehicles left in a parking lot for more than 48 hours without notice may be considered abandoned.
    • Consider placing a note on your dashboard that would let staff know generally where you plan to be.
  • Arrive to park when the property is open (generally 6 a.m. to 11 p.m., but property hours can vary).
  • Vehicle admission stickers are required at all properties that require admission fees. 
  • The DNR is not responsible for theft of items or damage to vehicles – overnight parking is at your own risk.
    • To prevent theft or vehicle break-ins, be sure to remove all valuables and electronics from your vehicle or keep them out of plain sight.