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Generator Use

Wisconsin State Park System

Generator use is typically not allowed in Wisconsin State Parks. Property managers have full discretion for generator use. Any camper who needs to operate a generator because of a health condition will be required to take an electrical site if any is available and not use the generator unless an outage occurs. If the available electric site is not in a preferred location, it is not valid justification for the camper refusing to accept that site assignment.

If no other electrical site is available, the camper will be assigned to an accessible campsite with electrical service. If no electrical sites are available, the property manager or designee will try to find and assign the camper to the site where the noise of a generator will be least disruptive to other guests. The camper may be allowed to operate the generator there only under special conditions so the resulting noise will not bother other campers. Only under unusual circumstances will evening generator use be allowed. No person may operate a generator without first obtaining a written permit from the department.

The generator application should be sent to the property office where use of the generator is being requested.

Day-use guests may use a generator within the property in areas where the property manager determines that the noise will not be offensive to other guests.

A camper or day user who can not accept these conditions or procedures will be directed to another property, either public or private.