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Gathering in state parks and forests

Wisconsin State Park System

MushroomUse extreme caution when picking mushrooms, as some are edible and others are deadly. Photo by Wisconsin DNR.

In order to preserve state parks' natural beauty for future visitors to enjoy, it's against Wisconsin law to destroy, molest, deface or remove any natural growth or natural or archaeological feature from the parks.

However, you may pick edible fruits, edible nuts, wild mushrooms, wild asparagus and watercress for personal consumption.

Some mushrooms are edible, others are deadly, and it's difficult to tell one from another. Whole books have been written on the subject. Use extreme caution!

Collecting seeds from herbaceous plants such as grasses and wildflowers is not allowed without written authorization from the department.

No one may collect rocks, minerals or fossil materials on state natural areas, state wild rivers, state parks, state trails, Havenwoods state forest preserve, state recreation areas or Point Beach or Kettle Moraine state forests.