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Special Use Zone

Richard Bong State Recreation Area

The Special Use Zone road will be under construction from Oct. 29 through Nov. 19. The entire roadway will be replaced or repaired and will be closed on some days with no vehicle access allowed. Please follow all posted signs. For more information, see: Special Use Zone Road Closure Notice [PDF].

Richard Bong offers an area where visitors may fly model airplanes, rockets, hang gliders and hot air balloons. Richard Bong also has space to train both hunting and sled dogs, train falcons, ride all-terrain vehicles, off-highway motorcycles and horses on trails, and hunt in season. All such activities take place in the Special Use Zone (SUZ) or managed hunt areas.

Activities in the SUZ area must be managed to ensure compatibility. Please call ahead at least a week before your planned event for permission to use the area. Check with management if you are planning an activity (rocket launches, free flight airplanes, rubber-band airplanes, etc.) in the special use zone.